University Revenue & Expense

The University relies on a variety of revenue sources to support its mission. These sources include Net Tuition (tuition dollars remaining after covering student financial aid), Endowment Income (income generated by the University's endowment pool), Grants & Contracts (funding research programs), Net Revenues from Auxiliary Sales and Services, and Gifts & Donations. The proportion of the total revenue that each source comprises has shifted over the past 10 years, with Endowment Income making up a greater portion of total revenues as there is less reliance on Net Tuition.

The expense mix of the University hasn't shifted quite as dramatically as the revenue mix, but there is an increase in research-related expenses as a percent of the total spend as the University continues to expand its work in this area. The largest category continues to be Instruction and Academic Support, which aligns with the University's goals to provide an excellent undergraduate education experience. 

The data provided is reported by IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) which uses standard categories to compare multiple institutions. You can find more detailed financial information for the University of Notre Dame by reviewing our annual report.

The FP&A team monitors the revenue and expense mix, as well as the changes in the composition over time. The team helps shape the future by analyzing market trends, modeling potential changes and supporting senior leaders as they make strategic financial decisions.



Source: IPEDS Reporting